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HPE Cloud Storage Cost Calculator

In a few minutes or less, calculate and compare cloud storage costs between HPE, AWS, and Azure. All costs including common hidden cloud costs are included. You will get a detailed cost breakdown and comparison chart, as well as a personalized report on your estimated cloud storage costs.

Analysis type
HPE Block Cloud Storage Cost Calculator (Basic)
Total Storage Capacity (TB)
Average Volume/Disk Size (GB)
Average IOPS per Volume/Disk
I need consistent IOPS performance
Copies and Clones 
% of volumes being cloned
Number of copies per volume
HPE Block Cloud Storage Cost Calculator (Advanced)
Capacity (GB)
IOPS / Volume
Consistent IOPS Performance
Hybrid Cloud Use
Multi Cloud Use
Clones / Vol
Write Volume
Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud
Do you plan to use multiple clouds?
Data moving between clouds per month
Do you plan to move data between on-premises and cloud?
Data moving on-premises to cloud per month
Data moving cloud to on-premises per month
Cost Output
HPE Cloud Volumes can provide comparable costs to significant savings to AWS EBS and Azure Disks cloud storage while providing more enterprise-grade features and easy data mobility for hybrid and multi-cloud
Use HPE annual prepay to save 15%?
Capacity Costs
Performance Costs
Snapshot Costs
Clone Costs
Support Costs
Data Egress Costs
Total Monthly Costs
Cloud Block Storage Monthly Cost Comparison